A summer’s day in April!

The weather here in Devon has been absolutely glorious for the past few days, and today is the nicest of all so far.  This morning the Newfies and I piled into the car and drove through the network of tiny lanes towards East Portlemouth for one of our favourite walks.  There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky ……

And it was definitely warm enough for swimming – but then it almost always is as far as the Newfies are concerned!

Then once home, it was time to head up into the summer house to get on with a little sewing.  Ben and Daisy were so hot and tired after their exertions that neither wanted to play with their balls.  But they weren’t about to let anyone else get hold of them either!  Ben snoozed with his ball right next to his large flubbery nose where he could keep half an eye on his most cherished possession ….

florapuppies 013

While Daisy kept a very tight hold of hers.  You can see the bulge in the side of her muzzle and a little bit of green peeping out just below her nose.  Eventually even she succumbed to sleep in the warmth of the afternoon and her ball rolled gently across the slates and into the flower bed.  Meanwhile, I had a basket full of work to occupy my time …..

florapuppies 018

Including working on the next book in our Library of Stitches Spring Stitchalong, and writing up another pattern for the May issue of the Magazine – Flora – the little pointy-nosed pup you can see looking out of the basket ….


Isn’t she a cutie!  And she’s a really easy make, inspired by a vintage Italian design.  I’ve just made some alterations to the gusset so she stands more firmly and altered her ears a little too.  Now I just need to write up her pattern …. but first, time for another cup of tea I think.  It’s so lovely being able to work outside again in my summerhouse.  It would be wonderful if summer was really here to stay, but somehow I don’t think it is – not just yet, anyway – this is England after all!


Such wonderful scenery, am green with envy:) Love that little pup and I bet when I make that one of the grandchildren will snaffle it 🙂


It is lovely to sit in the garden again. It is rather hot for running after the ball me thinks too. The little chequered puppy dog looks great.
Julie xxxx


Thanks Julie, but those Newfies are, as you know, just SO dozy whether it’s hot or not! xx


Thank you for sharing the lovely start to your day! The beach is simply beautiful! And it must have been truly blissful stitching out of doors after such a long winter! Heavenly….
XXX Linda


Don’t think I’d want the weather any other way really. Can’t think of anything worse than sun beating down every single day…. well that’s me anyway. Love little Flora and so looking forward to the mag.


Thanks Ann – yes, variety is good – as long as it’s not the sort of variety we seem to get here in winter, when the question we ask ourselves is …. will it be light rain/heavy rain/driving rain/torrential rain/mizzle/drizzle or mist …..!!


I love when you share your day and pics of the newfies. Love your mag and am glad I subscribed. Enjoy your day.


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