A very clever softie in a very silly post!

This morning as I sat at my table sewing my new top, my eye was caught by a tiny movement in the corner of my workroom ….

Who could it be?  No, not the French hens .. nor the lovebirds …  But wait – I see –  what is my little fox in a frock doing?  Let’s look a little closer ….

She’s taught herself to embroider.  What a clever fox!  What beautiful neat work!

Especially as she only has felt paws!  Well done Miss Fox.  Her vintage bluebird pattern is from an old pattern sheet with half a dozen different bluebird designs and I’ll include it in the May magazine as well as the pattern for Miss Fox.  


I’m so impressed! I didn’t think she could possibly be more adorable than when first introduced, but the embroidery hoop has certainly added an amazing personality! She is wonderful, and I adore her! Can’t wait to make my own “Miss Fox”.


I love your sweet little corner cupboard with the roses ! Are they decoupaged, or have you painted them ? I thought nothing could top your lovely spice village – but I’ve fallen for this now as well ! Perhaps we could swap homes, although I do have to warn you that mine comes with six dogs with definite views on tidiness, and how it is completely irrelevant to happiness !


Hi Linda, thanks so much – they are decoupaged, though not by me(!) Thank you for the offer to swap – I wonder if pound for pound your canine saboteurs outweigh mine!! Ben is around 160 lbs whilst Daisy is a much smaller 110 lbs – but altogether that’s quite a lot of dog!!


How embarrassing that this fox can embroider better than I! She is quite talented as well as lovely!

rachael rigby

i love the prints on your wall. Could you please tell me the artist? ps Love your work, been following you on facebook for a while but first time ive called in on here. x


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