Accuquilt and Charlie the Patchwork Elephant

I am very excited indeed.  Bustle & Sew has been chosen for the latest Accuquilt Blogger Spotlight newsletter, and they’ve decided to feature my Charlie the Patchwork Elephant pattern, who was created using their hexagon die….

Charlie the Patchwork Elephant (3)

 Charlie has proved to be one of my most popular free patterns of all time – but then he is very endearing with his curved trunk and black button eyes.  I sell many of my samples at the Nostalgic Mix Fairs in Totnes (held twice-yearly), but have never quite been able to bring myself to part with Charlie.  He sits on the armchair in my workroom presiding over an ever-changing collection of completed projects as I work on different patterns for the Bustle & Sew e-zine.  If you don’t already have the pattern for Charlie, then please do visit my free patterns page where you will find a link to download the free pdf file.  

Dandelion Bunny Embroidery (3)

I have used my Accuquilt Go!Baby Cutter for many projects since Charlie – it’s been key in helping me learn to quilt.  I am by nature rather impatient and like to make things up as I go along.  These characteristics do not lend themselves to cutting fabric accurately, which for most of my work doesn’t matter as I can tweak and trim as necessary.  But for quilting – well – accuracy is all.  And my Accuquilt cutter makes this possible for me, and I use it more than I ever thought I would.  The squares for the patchwork cushion cover that my Dandelion Bunny is appliqued to (above) were cut this way, as were those surrounding the applique panel in my final project for the August e-zine, my Blue House Crab Tote Bag …

Blue House Crab Co Tote

But back to Accuquilt …. I’m so excited and pleased that Charlie was chosen, that I’d like to share the fun with everyone … by offering you a celebration discount code valid for one week from today.  Just enter the code “ACCUQUILT” at checkout to receive 30% off all your Bustle & Sew purchases – no matter how large or how small. 


Just received my Accuquilt Newsletter and was so excited to see you and Charlie featured! Congratulations!
X Linda


Just read the article – very well done with clear and easy instructions. Congratulations, Helen!!!


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