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Today has been a very busy and varied sort of day.  Yesterday I spent most of the day helping Rosie with her front garden – which I must say is beginning to look rather nice.  Dan and Freddie came to keep the Newfies company while I was busy, and as he was able to report that they had been VERY GOOD DOGS, I felt that today they deserved a special treat.  We set out early while it was still misty and cool (much nicer for dogs with thick fur coats) and headed off towards Priddy – a little village on the edge of the Mendips.  In the past the land around the village was extensively mined, which has left deep hollows – one or two of which have filled with water – perfect for swimming!

Now you may think that this is a calm and serene activity – two black furry bodies simply gliding through the water and this is true to a large extent.  But before the serene gliding happens – you have to GET INTO THE WATER!!!  This is Daisy’s speciality, captured here in slo-mo …..


Giving Ben a thorough splashing on her way past!  She doesn’t care at all – not one bit!  It’s lucky he’s a patient and gentle sort of fellow! So that was the morning – then home for lunch and an afternoon in the garden.  I have just completed another needle felt project – this time a sitting hare with a very smart bandana …..

As I’m still very much learning this craft I purchased a kit from Felt Hoppy on Etsy and am very pleased with the results.  I am wondering about some needle felted carol singing animals for Christmas.  But that might be a little ambitious just yet – I think I need some more practice first – though it’s always good to have a target to aim for I think.  Meanwhile I’m just doing my best and having a lot of fun too!

Do Your Best

Which kind of brings me to ..  a new free pattern for you.  It’s some very simple cross stitch made special (I think) by the use of a thrifted cotton doily.  If you’d like the pattern then please just CLICK HERE to download it.   Meanwhile, I need to go upstairs to my workroom and put the finishing touches to a new faux taxidermy head ….


Here it is sitting next to me as I type – a swan of course!  She just needs some lovely fluffy wing feathers and then she’ll be mounted on an oval hoop.  She won’t be included in the magazine at all, but is a project for my new Friendly, Furry & Faux trophy heads book which will be published in the early autumn.

Finally – I’ll leave you with a photo of the ever-effervescent Miss Daisy looking as though butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth – and certainly as though she would NEVER EVER do anything as mischievious as covering Ben in muddy splashes so he had to be washed when we got home!


“Who me?  Splash Ben?  As if ….!! I’m a GOOD DOG!”


Looks like they had a most wonderful time in the water.
Julie xxxxxxxxxxx


They most certainly did Julie, and loved it so much they brought lots home in their coats and the back of my car!


Hi Helen,

What a lovely, happy dog Daisy is, and how good-natured Ben is with her! Thank you so much for sharing your “tails” of Ben and Daisy with us – they never fail to make me laugh!

Love to you all,


They are definitely a very silly pair! I sometimes think they have only one brain cell between them and their behaviour depends on who’s using it that day! Love to you and your canine friends too. xx


I so enjoyed the video of Daisy! Who can resist her excitement?

Your needle felting is lovely, and your bunnies are so very cute.

Thanks so much for the free cross stitch pattern.
XX Linda


Thanks Linda – I am certainly enjoying needle felting! Daisy is a proper pest – guess who got covered in mud and water when she shook herself after getting out?! xx


Hi again Helen,

Just a thought, but have you considered making a needle-felted Ben and Daisy? Ha, Ha – but many a true word ……….



Haha – I could use their own fur (or Ben’s woolly undercoat anyway) or would that be just too weird?!? xx

Pam MacLennan

Hi Helen, oh my goodness what a treat to see Ben and Daisy enjoying their swim. What absolute delight she portrays getting into the water. Ben is such a good big brother to tolerate the ‘splashing’.
Isn’t that just typical brother/sister behaviour?
Love all your new stitching projects. Can’t wait to see the Swan with her feathers.


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