An autumn afternoon ….

A walk through the woods … the canopy is thinning now …

phone pics 033.. the path is dappled with sunlight and leaves lie thick at my feet …

phone pics 035

 Bare fields – the harvest all gathered in  ….

phone pics 036

 Inspecting the damage caused by the St Jude’s storm. We escaped lightly here ….

phone pics 025And home to do some baking – ably assisted by my youngest furry friend …..

phone pics 024

 Practising for Christmas – Chocolate Cinnamon Cookies ….. 

phone pics 041

Find the recipe – and the softies too – in the November issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine (published on Thursday) – here’s a sneak preview ….

Not long to wait!  Like to learn more?  Just CLICK HERE.


Kathleen Robertson

Looking forward to Thursday, another wonderful mag on it’s way. The work you put into everything you do is so impressive, talk about a full time job !! and you’ve still time to bake LOL


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