And the winner is …..

It’s been a very exciting weekend here at Bustle & Sew HQ.  We’ve worked the random number generator to select the winner of our Christmas Mouse Giveaway …..


And the winner is lucky number three – that’s “SC” who loves the Christmas cake her dad makes every year!   Well done and thank you to everyone who entered, I have really loved reading all about your Christmasses.  I’m sorry I don’t have a little Christmas Mouse to give to you all, but if you’d like to make your own then please do CLICK HERE to download the free pattern, or purchase one of our kits HERE.


But the giveaway results weren’t the only exciting thing happening here this weekend.  I spent the early part of Saturday morning making large quantities of sausage rolls ….


And then, with Rosie’s lovely friend Lisa, spent the rest of the morning decorating my house with bunting, pompoms, tassels and balloons for Rosie’s baby shower.  All her lovely friends were invited and there were silly games like guess the diameter of Rosie’s bump and make a baby out of sparkly playdough (some things never change, I think I will be finding sparkles in the carpet for months!),  and a beautiful cake made by my friend Kelly …..


We all had a lovely afternoon, though I was a little disappointed to discover that when I returned from picking up Daisy and Ben from doggy daycare where they had spent their afternoon (two very large over-excited Newfies would not have made a good addition to the festivities) that somebody (Dan!) had scoffed all the sausage rolls and there were none left for me.  So I had to make do with scones and strawberry jam for my supper – still I guess that’s not too much of a hardship after all!

And finally … the November issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine was published last Thursday.  So if you’re a subscriber and haven’t seen yours yet, then please do let me know soonest so I can send you another link.


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