And the winner is…..

Today was the draw for the party paper bunting. The comments were numbered in the order they appeared on the blog. Thank you to everybody who entered. The judges were ready ….

The biscuits were numbered. (with non-toxic pen. Also testing was undertaken to ensure no preference for a particular shape of biscuit!)

The paw (Amy’s) came out …. watch carefully or you’ll miss it – she’s very quick! (In fact I missed the winning biscuit – it had vanished by the time I pressed the button on the camera! This was a special re-run so you could see exactly how she did it. Apologies for the sound effects, she’s not the quietest eater!)

And when the biscuits were lined up again (amid great objections from the judges), number 14 was found to be missing. Then I let her do it again (that’s the video above).

And so the winner is – number 14. That’s Bertie x. Well done Bertie x. Please let me know which packs you’d like and where to send them. Sorry everyone else. The judges weren’t sorry though – they got to eat all the other biscuits!

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