Beginning to feel like home

The Cottage is now really beginning to feel like home.  There are so many lovely dog walks nearby, some of which run alongside streams and rivers that we aren’t missing the beaches at all yet, especially as we often see rabbits when we head out early in the morning …

Which Daisy has a burning ambition to catch.  Sadly for her (though not for the baby bunnies) her wonky gallop is nowhere near fast enough to enable her to pounce on one – I’m sure they blow raspberries at her before diving for cover as she approaches!  She has a lot of fun though I am careful not to let her run for very long in case it puts too much strain on her heart.  As well as discovering all the walks around and about, I think I mentioned I’ve been making curtains too ….blog01

Not my favourite sort of sewing, but well worth doing by hand I think (check out the mitred corner!).  These are the second pair for my bedroom – I promised to show you the first pair and here they are …..


not the best photo I’m afraid, but I think you can see them fairly clearly.  I’ve hung my pair of Alice hoops next to the window – the pattern for the second (bottom) one will be in the August magazine. This window looks out over my garden and a hay meadow beyond, so it’s a lovely view to wake up to each morning.  But I haven’t just been sewing for the house as I’ve recently completed my second pattern for the August issue – with text that for me sums up what a good marriage or great friendship is all about …


I think this design would work well on lots of items, not simply as hoop art, and if you omitted the flowers it would be suitable to give to men too.  And, thinking of gifts, it’s nearly time for Christmas in July and I’ll be opening my Christmas store next week – watch out for the announcement and introductory discount code coming soon!


Linda in Maine

Your new home sounds and looks lovely, and the curtains so pretty! So glad all is well!
X Linda


Thanks Linda – yes, only one breakage and that was covered by the removal company insurance – phew!


I’m glad you are settling in your new home. The bedroom window looks so pretty with the new curtains and flowers and a countryside view is a joy to wake to.


Yes, I’m really looking forward to watching the seasons change through my window. xx


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