Bustle & Sew Magazine: October Issue

The week leading up to magazine publication is always a busy one.  The final projects head off to Rosie’s house so she can take photographs (her photography skills are much better than mine!)…

Above are the Harvest Owl cushion and Christmas Gift Tag projects in my shopping basket.  Sadly my basket currently has a broken handle (I knew I shouldn’t have given Freddie a ride in it!) so is going away to be mended.  It’s always an anxious week, as there are so many things that could (and sometimes do) go wrong before the magazine is finally ready to send out to subscribers.  This month however, everything went smoothly, and the October edition is finished….

Full of seasonal goodies which I very much hope you’ll enjoy!  If you’re a subscriber then please watch out for the October Magazine arriving in your inbox tomorrow morning.  If you’re not a subscriber and you’d like to find out more, then please just CLICK HERE.  And finally, feeling very autumnal, I decided to put together a mini-bundle of my autumn embroidery patterns for the last three years….

You’ll find my mini-bundle in store now, and it’s great value too!  Just CLICK HERE to find out more.

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