Christmas Store Now Open!

Goodness me, how time does fly – I can’t believe we’ve been back from our holidays for a whole fortnight now.  And what a busy fortnight it’s been, it feels as though we’ve never been away!  Rosie and I have been assembling and packing kits ….


And I received a delivery of a whole new collection of printed panels as well as some old favourites.  The Christmas shop is now officially open and fully stocked with all our exciting goodies.  This year, for the very first time, we have a Christmas catalogue (or should that be dogalogue) all of our own …

At the moment we do have plenty of goodies in-store, but supplies of the kits in particular will be limited due to time, and storage constraints.  So please don’t delay too long or they might be gone.  And if that wasn’t a good enough reason to visit our Christmas store very soon, there’s another  – we’re offering 10% off your first purchase – just enter code CHRISTMAS16 at checkout.

Just CLICK HERE to visit our Christmas Store and claim your discount!

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