Coastal themes – pots and fishes

I have noticed over the past few days that all the magazines on the news stands in our local shop seem to be adopting a coastal theme for July.  After some discussion though, Rosie and I are both agreed that our favourite season for the beach is actually late autumn/early winter when the crowds have gone, the weather (usually!) isn’t too bad and our furry companions can charge around at top speed without fear of frightening or accidentally colliding with anyone!  Indeed I tend to avoid our beaches in July and August as they are not relaxing places to be when accompanied by two naughty newfies!

Dartmouth Pottery

But after seeing all those seaside-y magazine covers I thought I’d make a small attempt at a coastal theme  myself –  so here is the view of my bedside table this morning – with my lucky new purchase – a 1950’s Dartmouth Pottery coffee pot – complete with seagull!  It’s just 9″ tall and is the perfect size to hold two lovely cups of coffee, meaning I don’t have to go downstairs, navigating past Ben’s snoring form, and avoiding Daisy’s attempts to get me to play (not at 6 am Daisy, no!) when I want a second cup of coffee before feeling ready to face the day.  Bliss!  

Dartmouth Pottery closed down long ago, and though the buildings still stand at the head of the creek, (at the centre of the image above) they have been converted into flats.   But it’s nice to think of my little coffee pot returning so close to where it began its life.

And, continuing the coastal theme,  I’ve just finished making my Stripey Fishes applique – a free pattern for newsletter readers …

Stripey Fishes

Stitch n flip, freestyle machine applique and a great way to use up scraps (I love working with scraps).  I haven’t written up the pattern yet, but will do so over the next few days and send it out to free newsletter readers at the weekend.

Stripey Fishes

 If you’re not a newsletter reader and would like the pattern, then please do consider joining – it’s free and I promise never  to share your details with anyone else.  Just complete the form in the right-hand sidebar and you’ll gain immediate access to my newsletter readers’ free pattern library, as well as being one of the first to hear about new designs, freebies and special offers from Bustle & Sew.  


When I was a little girl, mum and dad used rent for two weeks a riverside cottage every year for about ten years in Dartmouth. On two days of the of our holiday they would let me choose the trips out. One of the days was always to the pottery then up to the castle. We have more Gurgling Fish and we care to count!!! (That is what the pottery was famous for!)

Love the fish look forward to the pattern
Julie xxxxxxx


I live at the lake. This would be perfect on my wall. I luv your website and I like to applique.


Beautiful fish! I have a hooked wool rug that has very colorful fish on it which I put beside the bed in our guest room. Fishing is a favorite past time for visiting grandchildren, and I think your stripey fish applique will be a lovely addition to the room! Won’t they be surprised at their next visit!
X Linda


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