Come to the Circus… Lions and Monkeys …

This post is a replacement for the one Blogger seem to have lost in the last 24 hours!!  I think I’ve remembered to put everything in….

… I wanted to tell you more about the second part of my circus collection – the little circus lion I showed you a little while ago.  It’s taken me a while to finish him off as I wanted to add a collection of hints and tips for getting great results with machine applique.  But at last he’s finished, and I’m offering him as a gift to my free newsletter subscribers.  If you’d like him, then please CLICK HERE to sign up to my newsletter, and he’ll be on his way to you as fast as his little legs will carry him!
Inspired by a 1950s colouring book, the Marching Elephants I blogged about for Ben’s birthday were the first part of the collection.  The final pattern will appear in the June Issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine which will be released on Thursday 26th May …
It’s a Circus Height Chart – an elephant, together with two naughty monkeys performing acrobatics on a trapeze.   I think you can just about see the numbers on the right hand side.  It’s not the best photo, but I really wanted to post about them today – so excited they’re finished.  I think this would be a lovely way to record your child(ren)’s development by embroidering names and dates against the height scale – something to keep forever!
My original version of this post – which blogger seem to have deleted – finished with my going off to stitch, ignoring Ben’s pleading for an extra evening walk.  The new project is going well, so tonight Ben’s in luck – we’re off for an evening stroll in the woods!

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Just so you know – I absolutely love the magazine. I can't even imagine how you manage to keep up with all that you do but i am grateful. And you are rapidly becoming my crafty super hero!


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