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The finalists

You have until 12 am Wednesday June 14 (NYC Eastern time) to vote for the Grand Winner in the Feeling Stitchy “Rainbow of Stitches” competition.

Just head on over to Feeling Stitchy to choose your favourite. Sadly my Little Polar Bear did not win in his group, but when the competition’s this strong, simply getting a mention in the gallery of honourable runners-up is an honour. (But I would have liked the floss! Never mind ….)


I do not see how it is possible that the darling polar bear with those marvelous and millions of french knots didn't take the whole kit and caboodle of the grand prize. SUCH an inspired piece and lovely. I'm glad they gave you the honorable mention as it is such a fun, creative and detailed work of art. In fact, you've inspired me with the polar bears piece as well as your lovely apron piece to design a small lavender piece (since lavender seems to be my passion…this week!) I'm off to vote but I truly wish the polar bears was there.


Can't believe you didn't win that floss…such a gorgeous design, and as for the knitted badger…..I think that will have to go on my wish list, my birthdays in September and I'm sure one of my four grown up children will treat me…lol
florrie x


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