Fabric choices for my Four Seasons Bunnies Quilt

I had a wonderful Sunday afternoon browsing through everyone’s kind suggestions.  And I have put this selection together – quite different to my usual fabrics, but I think they work wonderfully well with Nakisha’s designs.  I’m also going to simplify the quilt pattern even further to show off some of these fabrics …
Before I order …. what do you think?  Any advice gratefully received!
Thank you xx


Wonderful! I have a little bit of nearly everything Joel Dewberry has done, and I've been dying for those new Lotta fabrics. I love it!! Can't wait to see your quilt.

My 4 Lil' Girls

Beautiful choices, every one looks so good together. Have to say i love Lila tueller's fabrics, always so striking. Look forward to your
quilt 😀
Karen x

Rhonda Ann Reed

I agree that those fabrics will go well with the Nakisha bunnies – they seem to blend in instead of overwhelm. Thanks for sharing – anxious to see the quilt.


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