Fairies at the bottom of our garden!

Picture the scene …. a warm(ish) summer’s afternoon in the summer house at Coombe Leigh.  Feeling relaxed – cup of tea, a biscuit (or two!) and some gentle stitching.  Then the peace is shattered as two excited  furry faces appear ……..

Come and see Mum!

 “Mum! MUM!!! M U M ! !! ! Come and see – come and see NOW!!” 

Toadstool Pin Cushions

 “There are fairies living at the bottom of our garden!!” 

Not really !  Just the photoshoot for my first pattern for the September issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine – little toadstool pin cushions – great for those Christmas Fairs, as little gifts or just for yourself.  Just the tiniest scraps of fabric and felt, vintage cotton spools, styrofoam hemispheres – and a lot of fun!


where the fairies scared?Did those brown beasties frighten them…the Toadstool doors are tightly shut…shhhh if we’re quiet they might come out and say hello!!!


Adorable! I’m off to rummage through my fabric stash for appropriate fabrics…must be prepared to make a fairy village of toadstool pin cushions come September!
X Linda


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