First melt your chocolate ….

“What are we going to make today mum?” wonders Miss Daisy.  Having spotted my bowls, baking tins and mixer being made ready for action she has planted herself very hopefully in front of the fridge!

Image1Sadly for her, this is not a recipe for sharing with my canine friends, as it begins ….. first melt the chocolate (very BAD for dogs Daisy).  It’s time for the annual choc-fest that is Rosie’s birthday cake!

This year I decided upon a chocolate brownie version and I must say it turned out rather well.  I chose a recipe from the BBC Good Food website for Chocolate Brownie Cake and the only change I made was to omit the pecan nuts as nobody in our family is too fond of those.  I remembered to take it out of the oven while it was still squidgy in the middle, and when it sank I filled the depression with – Chocolate Ganache!  I sprinkled over a few golden stars left over from Christmas together with some white chocolate chunks …


Then what better to finish off my super-chocolatey cake than some sugar flowers and a sparkly cockatiel candle holder from LolaBeau?!  I am delighted to report that the cake was a great success and when I popped over to Rosie and Dan’s house today only one small slice (and the sparkly cockatiel) remained!

I think I might make another, perhaps this time decorated with mini-eggs for Easter.  But before then, I’d better bake some more of the Newfies’ favourite biscuits – there was a lot of disappointment followed by a mega-sulk when Daisy realised that there was none for her this time.


Going to seek that out to make too. My daughter in law has just asked me to make Malteser Tiffin with cranberries for a surprise party this weekend. Our son, her husband is 30 on Friday – boy do I feel old, as I am twice his age this year!
Julie xxxxxxxx


I always put cranberries in that and rockyroad to take the sweetness away
Julie xxxxxxx


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