Free Snuggle Bunny Hand Warmer Tutorial

Now, with the autumn weather has come a feeling of snuggling in, tidying away the last remants of summer sloth and stockpiling all sorts of handmade goodies ready for my Christmas stall. My cuppboard is reassuringly full (and tidy!) and I’ve been finding various ways of using up the bits and pieces I discovered at the bottom of my stash when transferring everything to my new cupboard.
The latest creation I’d like to share with you are the Snuggle Bunny Hand Warmers. Created from vintage linen and Cath Kidston/other patterned scraps they are a great way of using up bits and pieces, and also of preparing for cold days ahead. With a Snuggle Bunny in your hand your fingers are guaranteed to be toasty warm!
The bunnies are really easy to sew and even the features only need basic embroidery skills. They have a little pocket in their tummies into which you insert your heating bag – containing the filler of your choice. I used rice and organic lavender, but you could use buckwheat, cherry stones or even oatmeal. You can also add spices, herbs and essential oils for an even more fragrant bunny.
Aren’t they cute?!

And so easy to make…. download your free pdf tutorial here with love from me to you.

Happy sewing!


Knittings Nice!

Just found your blog after searching for sewing….I am coming back to this craft after a few years away. So new machine is winging is way to be….lovely blog will follow…thanks.


Thanks! I need to get rid of some scraps. Maybe these will work as Christmas gifts too.


Sorry to those who've been having problems with the pdf – I've been having bandwidth difficulties as this tutorial was so amazingly popular! These have now been sorted and you should be able to access the tutorial now. Thanks for your patience. Helen


Hello! I just found this post via a google search for cherry stones warmers, had a little look around, hopped over to take a look at your etsy shop, and noticed that you are in Plymouth, like me! So nice to find you 🙂


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