Goodness me, what a week!

Wow!  I can hardly believe that it’s nearly a week since I blogged – and what an action-packed week it’s been.  Thank you so much to everyone who sent positive thoughts my way on Saturday morning when I was doing my presentation.  It was very scary, the room was packed and all eyes were looking at me – eek!  But I got through alright, (thanks to Rosie who was sitting at the back and gave me her best smile of encouragement whenever I looked across at her for support).  Although I lost my way a little in the middle, luckily I don’t think anybody noticed.   I’m very pleased it’s all over now though, and I can get back to doing what I enjoy best – sewing of course!

I’ve been really busy with six new projects for this month’s magazine ….

And I do hope you’ll like them.  There’s a new version of my Candy Cone Mouse – this time his cone is shaped slightly differently and the mouse himself is removeable – making a lovely pocket toy for a lucky child.  Then there’s an easy reindeer.  Last year I made a vintage-style deer which was a little trickier, with wiring in his legs, but this year’s version has nice strong sturdy legs so he stands up all by himself without any need for wire.  We’re supporting men’s health in Movember, and there’s more machine applique with my first-ever lampshade and bird hoop art.  Finally I’ve drawn up a whole alphabet of embroidered letters, though I’ve only actually stitched two as bookends…..

It’s no wonder I haven’t found a lot of time for blogging this week!  But I promise to do better – starting at the weekend with a giveaway here on the blog for two paperback copies of the Bustle & Sew Magazine – the most recent issues, September and October 2014.  I’ll be back on Saturday with details of how to enter.  But tonight it’s cold, dark and gloomy outside, so I’m planning to curl up with my knitting

I’m making Fair Isle Cuffs – it’s a free pattern from Julie at Little Cotton Rabbits.  I’m pleased with how they’re going – I’ve finished the first one and am about a third of the way through the second.  They’re really easy as there’s no shaping, and although the colours look complicated, they’re not in fact, as you only use two colours for each row.  There is A LOT of darning in of ends to do though, but worth it as I’m sure I’ll have two of the prettiest paws in Chillington this winter!

Don’t forget to check back at the weekend for my giveaway – and there’s only a week left to take advantage of my $1 trial offer for new magazine subscribers.  Just visit my magazine page to learn more.


Hi Helen,Congratulations on doing your presentation.I adore the look of everything in the next magazine,can’t wait to receive it.As a newcomer,I haven’t taken steps to cancel so does it automatically carry on,and the payment.Sorry I can’t remember soooo busy lol.Huggies and Cuddles for the fur babies.xx


Hi Lee, yes it continues unless you cancel. So pleased you’re enjoying the magazine and I will most certainly give Ben a hug. Not too sure about Daisy as once again she’s been splashing around in the stream. She’s been dried off but is still a little damp and muddy. I’ll save her hug for tomorrow lol! xx


Helen I am so pleased for you that your talk went well and that Rosie was there to give you her support.
Love the reindeer! You have been busy with all your makes and they all look lovely including your gloves/mittens. Very colourful.
Saw your photo of your woodpile, doesn’t it give you a sense of security and achievement? We have spent a few afternoons sawing up wood and stacking it, had work it was too and we shall enjoy the lovely fires 🙂 xx


Hi Lynn, yes I go into full-on squirrel mode at this time of year, checking my store cupboards and making sure I have plenty of logs too! Silly really as I can always order more, and the supermarket’s (almost) always open, but it does give me a feeling of comfort and security. xxx

Kathleen Robertson

Well done on your successful presentation, we knew you would do it 🙂 I would have loved to have seen you, next time, take a video LOL 😉
I just love those alphabets and I’ve been thinking how I could use them. So I think I may unpick a pocket on my jeans, do the embroidery, then hopefully stitch it back on. Ever the optimist that’s me LOL
Kathleen xx


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