Great start to the New Year!

Bustle & Sew has made it into print with my pattern for a Sleepy Squirrel hot water bottle cosy!  It features in this month’s issue of the (very) wonderful Sew Hip magazine.  The one that looks like this ….
It is very exciting to see my hottie cover in a magazine.  I simply couldn’t wait for the contributor copy to arrive so I so popped into a newsagent’s to purchase an extra copy yesterday.  Then I had to explain to the lady behind the till why I was so excited about my purchase.  Luckily she was a very nice lady and was happy for me too. 
Just in case you missed it the first time …….
Here it is again!!  Great start to 2011.  Happy New Year everyone!!


Wow, how exciting!!!
Congratulations to you! What a great start in the New Year!


Great way to start 2011. Congratulations! I started the year by receiving an email to say I'd won a digiscrapping giveaway.
So glad I have a fab excuse to buy a sewing magazine; my hubby will just have to let me buy this issue;-D
Amanda x

Jenny at Red House

I LOVE sew hip mag it;s my fave! will enjoy getting my copy to find your pattern.jennyx


I always buy Sew Hip, it has some great ideas and patterns in it, many of which I use to make stuff.I will look out for your pattern and maybe try it, although I don't own a hot water bottle!

home made gorgeous

Wow, huge congratulations you must be so pleased! The hottie cover looks wonderful, so sweet, and I love Sew Hip magazine, I can't wait to get my copy and look out for Sleepy Squirrel.. wishing you a very Happy New Year! Sarah x


Happy new year! I'm so pleased to have found your blog. Thank you for your help re. transferring designs today. Lynda xx


I often buy this magazine. Congratulations and I hope it will be the first of many you have published.
kind regards,

emma bear forever

Fantastic blog, congratulations on featuring in Sew Hip. I must look out for this in whsmithy when in town next, brilliant xx


Amazing! I picked up this issue today and really liked the squirrel hottie. So cute. I didn't realise it was someones who's blog I am following! How exciting! Watch out for my feature soon! x


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