Happy Birthday Ben!

Yes, today is St George’s Day – but it is also somebody’s birthday …. somebody large and black and furry …..


Yes, the big fellow is 8 years old today.  He will be celebrating with a special birthday walk, followed by his favourite peanut butter dog cake.  Happy birthday Ben!


Happy Birthday Ben. You are the most wonderful dog I have ever met. Don’t leave Daisy out, she is lovely too, but this is your day, Happy Birthday. Enjoy your cake.
Julie xxxxxxxx


Thanks so much Julie – I am sure Ben would agree with you! Daisy is just a pest in his opinion. xx


Yesterday was the day then to tell Ben just how wonderful he is and how much he is loved. Daisy will have her turn on her Birthday.


Haha! Yes, you’re quite right Jean, but I don’t think Daisy sees it quite like that! They both know they’re very much loved though. xx


Thank you so much Linda. We are indeed hoping there will be several more birthdays for Ben to look forward to – Newfies have a lifespan of 10-12 years – so lots more fun to come! xx

Pam MacLennan

A Very Happy Birthday Ben. You have certainly grown into a very handsome Fellow.
Little sisters are put on this earth to annoy big brothers !!
Have a great day and enjoy your cake.


Thanks Pam – and it looked like he inhaled his cake it disappeared so fast! So I think he did enjoy it.


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