Having a few IT problems :(

Phew!  Thank goodness we’re nearly back again!  Our website has been offline for the last few days due to major problems with our hosting company.  Luckily our super-clever IT boffins have been working – if not through the night – then very hard indeed on sorting everything out and we’re nearly back to normal.  The website is all working now, you can place orders and visit your accounts to download patterns you’ve previously purchased.  But …. I am sorry to say that I still don’t have email access.  So if you’ve emailed me and are waiting for a response, then I do apologise and will get back to you as soon as my email is up and running again.


Meanwhile, just to cheer ourselves up …. yesterday was Daisy’s birthday!  She’s now FOUR years old – but still just as silly and scatty as she always was.  Additional graffiti courtesy of Rosie who has getting rather whizzy with her new graphics program!



Pam MacLennan

Happy Birthday Daisy. did you have one of those yummy doggy cakes?
Your face just melts my heart xx


Hello Helen,
So sorry to hear about your IT problems – I had been trying to catch upon your blog and it wouldn’t let me in so I assumed there must be a glitch in the works somewhere!
Happy belated birthday to Miss Daisy – what an adorable “little” princess she looks in the photo. I hope you all celebrated her birthday with one of your lovely cakes!


Aw thanks Diana – yes the site is fine now, but sadly emails are still down. I will pass your good wishes onto our little princess who did indeed have a lovely day. Love to you and yours xx


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