"Hodge Bag" (Hedgehog book bag)

I’ve been so busy the last week trying to finish enough stock for my stall at “Dartmouth by Candlelight” in December, while juggling printing Christmas paper bunting and not forgetting going to work, (part-time for a local charity), walking the dogs, cooking, cleaning etc etc.
Here’s one of the book bags I’ve made – if you’d like to make it too, then here are a few basic guidelines ….
You’ll need:
  • 2 pieces of the plain fabric (I used vintage linen mangle cloth) each measuring 14.25″ tall x 14″ wide.
  • sufficient scraps (feedsack scraps are great for this) to make two patchwork strips each measuring 4.25″ tall x 14″ wide.
  • fabric strips/webbing approx 12″ long or whatever is your preferred handle length
  • 2 pieces oilcloth for lining each 18″ tall x 14″ wide
  • assorted buttons
  • embroidery floss

Note: all seam allowances are 0.25″

Transfer your hodge to one piece of plain linen using whichever method you prefer. I have a laser printer and have recently discovered that if I print the picture onto photo paper then press onto the fabric with my heat press it transfers beautifully. Probably everyone else has known this for years, but still it’s a relatively new discovery for me! Below is a closeup of the embroidered hodge – no complicated stitches so he’s quite quick to do …. and he sits just above a line of running stitches – alternating the colours was a nice touch I felt.

Sew on a scattering of buttons – use the picture for a guide – use embroidery floss to make them even prettier. Vintage shell buttons look really nice as they have natural patterns, but leaf-shaped buttons would be good too. Join your two patchwork strips to the tops of your plain pieces and then make up your bag following your usual method for a lined tote bag. I’ve lined mine with a rather nice Cath Kidston oilcloth and placed a patch pocket for keys, phone or whatever else is likely to fall to the bottom of the bag. If you’re not sure about making a lined tote bag, then just google for instructions – there are some really clear and straightforward tutorials out there.

Isn’t it cute!!

I’m definitely going to make a few of these – I’m sure they’ll sell well. I’m also listing one on DevonBear Designs so if you don’t have time to make your own, then you’ll find this very bag on there!

Not sure how many sewing days left until Christmas – not enough is all I can say!! Happy stitching everyone!

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I just love all your designs and want to thank you for making the free ones available for us. I have been collecting the bunnies faithfully this year but I think I have missed the July one. Is it here on the blog somewhere.


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