Home again!

Just returned from a wonderful anniversary holiday in Istanbul.  A vibrant, colourful city offering so much design inspiration.  I’ve posted a few of my favourite images here … and if you’d like to see a little more of the city itself then please visit Notes from a Devon Village for a few more photos.
The image above was taken through the window of a little shop, and although I didn’t have time to venture inside, the pictures seemed to be pages from old illustrated manuscripts.  I particularly liked the following ….
Seems a little like a Turkish Noah’s Ark ..?
… and aren’t the shapes of the clouds wonderful?  Wish I knew the story it illustrates.
In the courtyard of the Blue Mosque looking up at the domed roof – looks a little like redwork?
And this shop was closed – would have loved to go inside … look at those wonderful felted hats…
Sitting on a layer of felt balls – I love those colours and shapes – perhaps it’s just as well the shop was closed!  Or I might have brought home a suitcase full of felt balls!!  (Did manage some quite successful shopping though)
And thank you to everyone who participated in my fun poll.  Seems that rabbits and cuteness go hand in hand, or should that be paw in paw?  Will remember this for future posts, but meanwhile off to put the washing machine on and catch up with orders… see you soon!


I think the picture of the man is Hercules defeating Cerberus, the guardian of the Styx. I'm not too familiar with the story, but I know it's one of the twelve works the hero has to do.

These felt thinks are wonderfully colourful! Makes one want to work with felt.

Regards, Anja

Furthermore, love you blog and the things you make!


Thats amazing, sounds like you had a great trip. I went to Paris recently and was so inspired by all kinds of things which I hope to translate into my crafty endeavours! 🙂


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