I think I’m in love!

Yes, I really think I might be – in love that is – with my top favourite new (to me) product …..


I’ve known about Sulky Solvy before, but only recently came across these pre-cut, paper backed sheets that are designed for feeding through your printer.  This is absolutely perfect for me as I have to make sure all my patterns are printable.  Then when I’m making up the final sample to photograph I try to replicate exactly the purchaser experience to make sure everything is as it should be.  Having discovered this product I’m making good use of it in the February issue as it’s perfect for embroidering on felt….

And it really does dissolve away.  I found I needed to give it a good soaking – face down so the Solvy dropped away cleanly.  Then I carefully worked around the edges of my stitching – particularly the flowers where the stitches are quite dense – with an old toothbrush using a gentle circular motion to dislodge any fragments that had become trapped in the stitches.  I was very pleased with the results – you can see the letter “L” on the left – the Sulky Solvy has completely disappeared.  Then all that remained was a little more stitching to create the first project for the February issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine – Love Letters ….

I really REALLY enjoyed making these and think it would be a lovely idea to create more letters – perhaps to spell out a name?  What a lovely gift for a new baby… wedding .. birthday.  But for now the pattern just includes the blocks above, though if I have time I may try to expand it over the coming months.  Meanwhile I’ve moved onto the next project – incorporating the Bustle & Sew Bunny embroidered onto felt – again using Sulky Solvy paper….

This was a real test for the Solvy as I was working on white felt.  I have to say though, it passed with flying colours!  But more of that to come in a future post.  Meanwhile, these sheets are readily available – I purchased mine from Amazon.co.uk where it was £7.66 for a pack of 12 sheets including delivery, and I still have 11 left!!


Hmmmmm … no the pens have never worked for me 🙁 It’s a good thing we’re all different! xx


Este papel parece ser de grande ajuda, coisas de primeiro mundo. Aqui demora muito pra chegar este tipo de novidade.
Seu bordado é lindo, parabéns


I think I’M in love….with the new “Love Blocks”! They’re beautiful and such a wonderful idea! I’ll be looking forward to the February magazine and the pattern for them.
Thanks, too, for the helpful review of paper backed solvy which I’ve never tried but certainly will now and with confidence.
XX Linda


Thank you so much Linda. And yes, it is such a good product – especially as these sheets are designed for printing. The paper peels off leaving a lightweight flexible non-woven fabric (or it certainly feels like that) which I’ve found really easy to stitch through unlike some other products I’ve tried. xx


Helen this product sounds wonderful, so, if I understand you correctly, you print a design onto the product via your printer – does it have to be black and white?? Then embroider through the design onto the fabric/felt and then soak it off? If this is so then for the non artists amongst us it is a life saver! I can’t draw a straight line never mind leaves, flowers and other things! Even a pattern that I have printed off, stuck to thin card and traced around never comes out the same way twice LOL. My brain, eyes and hands seem totally unco-ordinated 😀


Yes Lynn, that’s absolutely right. And no, it doesn’t have to be black and white. I am currently stitching Rosie’s wedding logo onto felt for her and have found that printing the full colour version makes it really easy to get the colours and shading as close as possible to the artwork. x


Helen so glad you have mentioned this.
Just bought some & now will have a better idea of how to use it!


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