It’s beginning to feel a little like ….

No, no, no … I can’t bring myself to type it!  But my kitchen shelves are looking very festive – just a tiny practice run for decorations next month.  I found a lovely Brixton pottery reindeer jug in a local shop, and have filled it with scarlet berries and rosemary sprigs gathered on this morning’s walk ….

Whilst my sewing for the December Bustle & Sew Magazine (our bumper Christmas Issue)  is coming along quite well.  My latest project is this little polar bear.  He’s really easy to make, but looks (I think) rather cute ……

I haven’t mounted him on festive fabric though as I think I’ll display him on my workroom wall all year round and not keep him just for …. wait for it, wait for it, whisper the word ….. Christmas! But before Christmas we are celebrating a VERY IMPORTANT DAY here at Coombe Leigh.   Sunday is Daisy’s second birthday and she’s hosting another “paw-ty” with special guests Lionel and Tilly.  Ben will be there too and  I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.


Very best early birthday wishes to Daisy! I hope she has a lovely “paw-ty”.
I also wanted to tell you that your badger is adorable. I’m so looking forward to the December magazine!
XX Linda


I think we are shelving Christmas this year! We are soon to move home and all will be chaotic at the other end this year but we can’t wait to move to Cornwall. Have a wonderful birthday and pawty Daisy 🙂 xxx


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