It’s Publication Day – and heads up for Black Friday!

First of all, just to say that the December Magazine was sent out to all subscribers today.

December 2016

If you’re a subscriber and you haven’t seen your magazine, then please do let me know soonest so I can make sure you receive your copy as quickly as possible.  Meanwhile, tomorrow is Black Friday, and so what could be nicer than for my two black furry friends to announce this weekend’s very special offers! Black Friday Sale

There’s so much hype and so many confusing offers around this weekend so we’re keeping it simple here at Bustle & Sew.  We have just two genuine sale bargains for you.  There’s 30% off all our pre-printed hand embroidery panels and an amazing “2 years for the price of 1” Magazine subscription offer.  Just click on the images below to take advantage while you can as these offers are only available this weekend!

2016magazinesshopicon 2016blackfridayoffer

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