It’s time for my “getting ready for Christmas” sale!

It’s nice to see those two Newfies making themselves useful for once!

They of course would disagree with my assessment of their helpfulness, pointing out that they regularly enhance the wooden flooring by stencilling trails of muddy pawprints across its shiny surface, are happy to bring the garden indoors (they know how I love my garden) in the form of leaves and twigs which they scatter across the carpets, and have long been of the opinion that any stitching project is enhanced by a generous application of black fur!  But for once we are all in agreement – appearing on my pre-Christmas sale advert is a very useful thing for them to have done ….


Yes, we’re having a sale.  There’s 50% off everything across the whole store (apart from magazine subscriptions)!  I decided to hold my sale a bit earlier than usual this year as I know that well-organised stitchers and crafters like to start making round about now, and as Christmas is such an expensive time (even more this year for us when the baby arrives), I thought that reducing pattern prices in this busy run-up period  might help spread the load a little.

The sale is on now – and will finish at midnight next Saturday – so don’t delay and miss out.  This will be my last sale before Christmas.


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