Jolly Robin … snaffled already!

Goodness me – Rosie’s quick off the mark sometimes when it comes to snaffling!  I finished my Jolly Robin Christmas Hoop this morning – it’s the first project for the December issue of the magazine.  I mounted it in a recycled painted wedding hoop and after happily tilting it from side to side for a while admiring the pretty red beads (that I found at the bottom of my button jar) sparkling in the light, I decided to send her a picture.

jollyrobin 009a

And then, before I realise what’s happening, I am no longer the proud owner of a Jolly Robin Hoop. Somehow I seem to have agreed to give it to Rosie as she tells me it will fit in beautifully with her other Christmas decorations!   I am sure mothers everywhere will know the feeling …..

But even though my robin will be flying the nest before Christmas, he was great fun to stitch.  Some easy applique, a little sparkle, pearls from an old broken necklace and a shiny button, French knots and whipped chain stitch for a bit of a change. I hope you like him too.


Lori Smanski

This is adorable. I love the extra bling you added. LOL gotta love how our daughters love what we make.


It’s absolutely gorgeous and I’m not surprised Rosie wanted it as a decoration for her home – I think anyone would love to have it hanging up in their house. It will definitely be on my to do list when the next magazine comes out.


I can’t blame Rosie one little bit for desiring Jolly Robin for her very own, and what a lucky daughter she is to have such a talented and understanding mum!
XX Linda


I so enjoy the beginning of a project as much as ending one. This little chick-a-dee is a job well done indeed!


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