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I’m sorry I’ve been a bit quieter than usual here on the blog lately, but I have been super-busy with lots of different projects as well as putting together next month’s magazine.  I’ve completed three projects for the February issue …

catetc 019

Firstly there’s the promised project for feline fanciers (above)!  Then there’s a cushion featuring an appliqued pink cyclamen which I’ve called my “Blooming Lovely Cushion”  That’s because both leaves and blooms are heart-shaped in honour of Valentine’s Day next month..

catetc 039

I think it will look rather nice on the sofa in my conservatory – provided I can stop Daisy climbing up there for her afternoon naps, spreading mud everywhere!  And finally there’s my favourite so far … my “Sweet Dreamcatcher” …

catetc 040sq

I am not a huge fan of traditional dreamcatchers – I’m not sure why, perhaps it’s something to do with feathers and the catching of dust rather than dreams?  I know I’m probably being illogical but that’s just how it is!  But I do like the look of them so I thought I’d try to create a less traditional embroidered version.  The back stitched woven “twine” is studded with metallic beads and the feathers, although different sizes, are all identical satin stitch.  I’m rather pleased with the end result and hope you like it too!  All these three patterns (plus another three still in various stages of development) will be included in the February Magazine.

And the final project that’s been absorbing my time is my first embroidery kit for nearly two years(!).  This one features a little rabbit and some floral embroidery ….

catetc 034

The rabbit is actually a printed design so there’s no need to worry about stitching fur.  I’ve used 4″ hoops which will also be included in the kits.  A very large parcel arrived for me today which hopefully contains many of the “ingredients” for these little bunnies so I’ll be unpacking it tomorrow to set up my assembly line. I’ll be opening my order list at the weekend and sending out kits before the end of the month.  I will let you know when you can place an order (choice of the two designs above) as availability will be fairly limited.

And all of this is why I’ve been a bit quiet lately – but I have been keeping busy just the same!


So looking forward to the February issue and all your lovely projects! I also love the new kit with the most handsome bunny I’ve ever seen!
X Linda


It will hardly take you any time at all Julie – it’s such a simple design – great for making to sell! xx

Glenna Denman

I live in the American Southwest so am very familiar with dreamcatchers, and I really do love your interpretation. I am excited to get the February issue for that as well as the other designs. You’ve really outdone yourself this month! As for Daisy, I am so pleased you are spoiling that sweet girl and letting her on the sofa, mud and all!


I’m so pleased you like it Glenna, so kind of you. And that Daisy is a naughty little pickle!! xx

Balestreri elisabeth

Tous les modèles sont vraiment très tentants et je n’arrive pas à choisir mon préféré ,les trois .J’ai hâte de pouvoir commander un kit du lapin que j’adore ,j’espère que ce sera possible .
A très bientôt,merci pour tous vos ouvrages ,
très amicalement,


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