My finished quilt-as-you-go project

Way back in the summer I began what, for me, was a very ambitious project – a new patchwork quilt for my bed.  I am a very careless cutter and my spatial reasoning is, to be perfectly honest, rubbish (guess who can never choose the right sized saucepan lid from out of the cupboard!?) so I knew that creating a beautiful complex design (and my online research showed me some truly wonderful quilts) would be totally beyond me.  So I settled for a simple patchwork quilt created from 30 blocks of 9 squares with white sashing between for a fresh, modern look. 

quilt as go 004

But I do love colour and adore choosing different combinations.  For my quilt I used some of “Across the Pond” from Michelle Engel Bencsko, a little Lotta Jansdotter, some vintage fabrics, and other pieces that I simply don’t know where I got them or what they are.  Oh .. and there’s some by Stof, Robert Kaufman and other current designers too.  This was the most fun bit of my quilt … then I had to cut all the squares and carefully join them into blocks.  

quilt as go 001

Although I was as careful as I could be, I am sorry to say that some squaring off was required.  (oops!)  I joined the blocks into strips of six, (can you see the 1950’s horse in the centre of this block?) and joined the strips using the quilt as you go method.  I did this as I knew I would so totally be unable to quilt it in one piece.  There are some wonderful videos of this technique on YouTube and I watched a large variety – a big “thank you” to all you lovely quilters who very generously share your expertise – I am so in awe of you!

quilt as go 005

As well as colour, I wanted the fabrics I had chosen to reflect the natural world all around me.  And when I came to quilt my strips, I decided to continue this idea into the quilting.  I randomly stippled the blocks, and quilted the sashing  in straight lines – reflecting our fields, coast and woodlands all defined by the neat boundaries of roads and fields.    Then, when I’d joined the strips at the front of the quilt, I spent several evenings slip stitching the back seams and the reverse of the binding.  But finally it was finished and I put it on my bed on Christmas Eve ….


And I felt proud!  I know it’s not perfect – very far from it – and not a work of art like some of those wonderful quilts I found online – but it’s the biggest quilting project I’ve ever attempted and I DID IT ALL BY MYSELF!!  

But I’m glad I finished it before Daisy arrived!  She is a little canine ball of energy and is wearing us all out – but as she’s so loveable we don’t mind one bit.  


Congratulations on your finished quilt! It’s very beautiful and absolutely a very proud moment! Certainly makes me want to dig out all those “half-done” quilts and projects and to finally finish them. Thanks for always inspiring me!
X Linda


It is really lovely. I have a quilt on my bed with a similar principal with sashing and patchwork blocks. I love it. Your quilt is quite wonderful. You’re very talented. I have been quilting for 14 years, sewing all my life and I still have a hard time knowing which lid fits a pot. I’ve enjoyed your designs and incorporated some of them into my projects. Thank YOU!


It looks wonderful. My son and his partner asked for a quilt made of simple five inch squares and I was delighted with the way it turned out. Sometimes simple is best isn’t it, especially if the colours and fabric choices work out well too. I must try some quilt as you go soon. I did one quilt like that very early on, but haven’t done it again.


What a beautiful, cozy-looking quilt! I have gotten back into quilting again, too, and the fresh new fabrics, mixed with some old fabrics and white are just so much fun! And about squaring up – it’s not bad to need to do it! It means you’re human, not a machine, and that a real person put time, effort and love into the quilt. That, to me, is priceless! ((Hugs)). Cathy


wow what a wonderful quilt you have made, I just love the simple blocks I think they are eye catching, you have done an incredible job. The thought about starting is the worst part. You certain can be proud of yourself.


Your quilt is beautiful! Such gorgeous colour combinations too! I absolutely adore the yellow fabric with the foxes, it’s just too sweet.
You’re very talented, well done! x


It is lovely and you did a fantastic job! Well done, and I can’t wait to see your next project 🙂


Brilliant solution!!! I am loving how beautifully you have brought new and old together into this quilt and made them work together to create a stunning piece of eye candy!!!

Being a person who sees a beautiful fabric more for it’s design than as a design element or a dab of color, nine square blocks really appeal. Setting them off with bands of white – perfect!


Lovely Helen I like plenty of colour makes you fell good, I will get round to it.



I think it’s beautiful and I’d be proud to have it on my bed. I have yet to finish a complete quilt. I piece the tops and then I freeze up. My goal for this year is to learn how to free-motion quilt. Your finished quilt is an inspiration!



A wonderful quilt! Love your use of old and new fabric and your theme of nature…it comes through, and your mix of color and print size. You also did a great job with quilt as you go, something I have tried myself. Your quilt has encouraged me to give it another try. Thanks for sharing!


Love, Love your quilt. What size did you make your squares? You did a beautiful job.

mary burgio

What a wonderful quilt…congratulations. Thanks for creating this blog.
Second wee of reading….truly enjoy same


Such a beautiful quilt! I have yet to try quilting, but yours is inspiring! I love to cross stitch and hand embroider, but am a beginner with my sewing machine. Thanks so much for your lovely blog and newsletter!


Hi Helen

I think you did a great job I must have a go , are getting me thinking about

a lot of homely things I would like to do.

Best Wishes Pauline.


Great job with the coordination of prints and colors on your quilt. sometimes I am overwhelmed when deciding on fabrics for a project.


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