P-p-p…picking a penguin

Hmm … think I might be showing my age! British readers of a certain vintage will know exactly what I mean – remembering those p-p-p-pick-up-a-penguin biscuit ads from the 1970s.  But I digress.  One of my patterns for the current magazine is a cute little penguin softie ….

I was thinking very much about my new son-in-law (still not quite used to typing this) when I created this little fellow as Dan’s favourite animal (OK, bird) is a penguin.  And I’ve been wondering about making some Christmas PJ bottoms for the happy couple – and whether Dan might like a penguin version.  I spotted this really nice flannel by Stella Jean for Wilmington Prints over at the Fat Quarter Shop

Reminds me a bit of my softie!  And then (because I’m quickly becoming a bit of a Pinterest addict) I started putting together a little Penguins board ….

PicMonkey Collage (4)

There are some great Penguin ideas around – hope you like my selection!  Just click here to take a look!


I don’t think it’s showing your vintage if you remember the p-p-pick up a penguin ads, I’m 25 and I remember them. Plush Addict is a UK fabric shop and they sell that penguin flannel, if your interested, they also have a version with a grey background. It might be cheaper, and certainly quicker to buy from them, here’s a link: http://www.plushaddict.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=penguin


After seeing a documentary on Penguins; they are pretty cute and interesting. The Penguins featured on the documentary grew to the size of a toddler! There were thousands of them and after the mother laid her egg she took off and the fathers were left to carry, hatch, and raise the baby. hmmm not a stupid bird are they? 🙂


Then I’m showing my age too, because I remember the adverts as well. The fabric look great
Julie xxxxxxxxx


Love penguins, so cute. Just read a story about a penguin to my daughter, penguin who wanted to find out by Jill Tomlinson.


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