Proud as a Peacock

I have a confession to make…. once again being a bit slow on the uptake … I have only recently discovered – and have now become – a Pinterest addict!

So what do you think I did after I blogged earlier this week, mentioning Ben, his sad experience and my True Beauty embroidery?  Did I go and do the washing up?  Did I finish painting the porch?  Did I do any one of a hundred things that need to be done?  Oh no … what I did was go and look for peacocks on Pinterest – and after finding some truly beautiful examples I was inspired to put another board together ….

peacock collage

 You can find my Proud Peacocks board HERE.

Mind you, peacocks don’t sound as lovely as they look – when I was much younger I lived for a while in Warwick, very near the castle and was often woken early by the raucous shrieks of the peacocks that lived in the castle grounds.  But these examples really are lovely, do pop over and take a look!


I know that feeling being a Pinterest addict! I just give myself an hour on Pinterest on Saturday mornings now.
Julie xxxxxxxx


Loved the pinterest board. I love color, the more the better. Also wanted to thank you for the Teacups applique. Love your newsletter also.
Thanks for all the smiles


Thanks Kathy, so pleased you’re enjoying my boards – a bit of a new thing for me xx


Beautiful peacocks, love the lampshade!
The village postmaster had a peacock and peahen for many years but he did receive many complaints from the new people moving into the village when the peacock would start his racket at 3.30 am during the summer 🙂 The villagers were used to the sound and we all missed it when the birds died from old age xx


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