Pupdate and flash sale!

Don’t worry – I promise this is not going to turn into a blog about dogs – well, no more than before, anyway!  But so many people have asked to see a little more of Daisy that I thought I’d post just a few more pictures.  I did want to show you my quilt as you go project – I met my self-imposed deadline, and the quilt was on my bed in time for Christmas, but will save that for another time.  

Yesterday I took Daisy for her first trip to the beach.  I had to carry the solid little dumpling as she hasn’t had her final innoculations yet, so mustn’t come into contact with other dogs.   


And here we are!  Sorry I look so serious, but it’s hard trying to control a wriggling puppy, keep an eye on an over-excited big brother and hold my phone in the right place all at the same time.  So I simply forgot to smile.  But I think the cuteness of Daisy more than compensates! 


She was fascinated by her big brother’s antics – and in turn he jumped and twirled, splashed and ran – a proper show-off! 

Ben at Beesands

And then he demonstrated his amazing strength and daring by bringing us a selection of the largest stones from the bed of the stream! 

Being a big brother!

On returning home satisfied that life with Daisy would still include all his favourite things, Ben began to make friends ….. 

Being a big brother!

But, oh dear, being a Big Brother is just sooooo tiring!

But fun too Ben … and I’ve been so busy playing with Daisy that I’m getting all behind on other stuff – such as closing my Christmas shop.  So I thought before I remove it tomorrow, I’d have a 24 hour flash sale on the whole of Bustle & Sew!  Just enter the code FLASH at checkout to receive an amazing 40% off everything in my store (except magazine subscriptions).

Yes, that’s  40% discount on everything for the next 24 hours only when you enter the code “FLASH” at checkout!!  


So sweet! Hard to believe, that tiny Daisy might grow to be the size of gentle Ben one day!


Thank you for the new pictures of Daisy. I especially liked the one of Ben and her together….patiently waiting for her to grow up!
X Linda


What a bundle of cuteness! I remember when my dog was a puppy- I didn’t get much done until she was about 6 months old.
By the way, I love her sweet name too


Thank you so much for the lovely photos! How cute Daisy is! Does she still have blue eyes? I’d like to hug her and be hugged by Ben!


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