Rosie & Bear: On the Beach!

Today is a very grey sort of day.  We have been lashed unceasingly by wind and rain all this morning. I had to rush outside in pyjamas and raincoat to rescue my wheelie bin that had blown onto its side and was in danger of scattering its contents across the road.  The Christmas holidays are over and everyone has returned to work.
But … the year has turned – the days are growing imperceptibly longer, and at last the rain has stopped and a tiny patch of blue sky has appeared over the chimney pots next door.  And so, what better time to introduce the latest in my Rosie & Bear calendar blocks series – this one is August.  The naughty pair have been building sandcastles and rockpooling – and I’m certain that Bear will be going home tonight with very damp and salty fur!
This pattern won’t be included in the magazine … but is now available to purchase both from my website and in my Etsy shop.  A great pick-me-up design for grey January days!!


Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore

Just a quick comment to say how much I have enjoyed the magazines. Besides the lovely patterns they are so interesting to read and the articles are inspiring.

We have had the same weather in Cornwall today, my garden is full of fallen branches and is going to take some time to clear up.

Managed to get out with Poppy and Blue but not on the beach today as the tide was very high with big waves rolling in.


Oh what an adorable Rosie and Bear for August.
I think it might be my favourite so far but then I say that about each one as it comes out 🙂
Hope you get some sunshine soon.


Thanks Zoe, but I’m afraid I have no plans to re-release my Rosie and Bear designs at the moment. Sorry for any disappointment xx


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