SewFlapdoodle is here – and 25% sale!


 I am very pleased and proud to announce that the first small selection of “SewFlapdoodle” patterns have arrived here on the website.   I think I mentioned before that Jacqui is a very talented illustrator, and the Flapdoodle bird is her logo – here pictured sitting on a reel of thread ready to sew – hence “SewFlapdoodle”.  


Jacqui used to live next-door, but a couple of years ago moved just a few miles down the road, where she and her carpenter husband Clive, settled in a new home – which Clive is now busy altering (again!)  They share their home with their son and daughter, when they are not away studying and Pip, their 18 month old black and white cat who loves to boss Lionel (who you’ve met already) around.   Jacqui studied illustration at art school then went on to work for various London design studios before escaping to the sea and countryside of Devon.  She loves to draw, especially the animals and children she sees around her and her designs often feature her children and their friends when they were younger and Pip and Lionel (oh and also Lionel’s best friend Ben).  That’s Jacqui above !! 

I see the Moon

“I see the Moon” : click here for details 

I’ve listed four SewFlapdoodle patterns to begin with – they’re all really simple to stitch – three just use back stitch – and they’re great for newbies (I include hints on making your back stitch the best it can be), or for a quick one-evening project if you’re more experienced.  They look great framed in a hoop – or you could mount them in a card as a gift for a special (and lucky!) person. 

Something Wonderful

“Something Wonderful”:  click here for details

Just CLICK HERE to find all the SewFlapdoodle patterns – including Ben and Lionel –  and I’ll be adding more over the coming weeks.

And finally …. to celebrate the arrival of SewFlapdoodle – and by way of “thank you” for all your support and the kind comments so many of you leave for me to enjoy …. I’m having a 3 day sale on the Bustle & Sew website – with a massive 25% off everything for blog readers!  

Just enter the code SEWFLAPDOODLE25 at the checkout to receive your 25% discount – off everything – so now is a good time to catch up on any patterns you’re planning to make, copies of my e-zine, even my e-books – there really is 25% off everything. This is your only opportunity to grab a great bargain before Christmas – I won’t be having another sale before then.

So don’t miss out – just fill your cart and enter SEWFLAPDOODLE25 at the checkout to receive 25% off everything – for three days only!! 

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