Spring has sprung – I don’t think so!

I was watching the weather forecast at lunchtime (this is a bit of a national pastime here in the UK) and saw that we were promised sun, rain, wind and snow – all in a single day.  Then the weather forecaster told us that today, as well as being St David’s Day, is the first day of meteorological spring.  All I can say is pfft!  It certainly doesn’t feel much as though we’ve said farewell to winter as I wipe the latest trail of large muddy pawprints off my kitchen floor – prints made by the owner of possibly the largest paws in Oakhill ….


Yes that’ll be Ben, reclining very comfortably on his bed while his human washes the kitchen floor – again!  It’s hard to get an idea of scale online, so I measured his paws (much to his bemusement) and discovered that each front paw is 5″ square! That’s 25 square inches of muddiness on the end of each leg – no wonder I’m always wiping up paw prints!

Spring may seem a while off today, but I do have some beautiful seasonal flowers in my favourite vase ….


Hyacinths in a bowl (this is an old favourite from Brixton Pottery – loving those bunnies at this time of year!) and I’ve finished the first project for the April Bustle & Sew Magazine. I haven’t stitched a posy before, but found it was really fun to do – there are pansies, forget-me-knots, violets and camellia blooms too.

It may be cold and wet outside, but perhaps the weather forecaster was nearly right about Spring.  If it hasn’t quite arrived yet, then its definitely on the way on my kitchen dresser! Earlier this afternoon I was very excited to receive a  delivery from one of my favourite stores, Emma Bridgewater, and breathed a sigh of relief when I unpacked my purchase to reveal it had arrived safely.  (always a worry with pottery)


Yes, a lovely yellow wallflower duck – I’m so pleased with its cheerful expression and think it looks lovely on my dresser next to some St David’s Day daffodils.

I had hoped to finish by showing you some of our new Easter bunny kits, but unfortunately the felt hasn’t arrived yet so I haven’t been able to make any samples.  They’ll be here very soon though – definitely before spring really does arrive!


Sorry about the weather. Here in northwest Florida the weather has been unseasonably hot as in the 80’s. We usually have a cold January and February with temperatures ranging from 10 to 60 degrees. Not this year one cold snap in January that froze the leaves of my lemon tree. Sometimes we have a little snow. Warmest hopes for you. I am still hoping for cold weather. It’s 100 to 110 in July to September.


Goodness!! I think it would be a little warm for me in the summer, but I’d love some of your weather right now! xx

Julie Caisey

Ben has very large paws hasn’t he? But he is lovely, and so is Daisy.

Julie xxxx


Aw, thanks Julie. He’s getting rather elderly now and snoozes most of the day away – though still demonstrates youthful enthusiasm at teatime haha!!


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