St Patrick’s Day Sale!


Thank you to everyone who has entered the giveaway for my Spring Bunny Hoop.  I was totally blown away by the number of responses and have absolutely loved reading all the comments.  While I am busy working the random number generator and counting down to the winner I thought it would be nice to have a quick sale in honour of St Patrick’s Day.

 As I think I have said before, though I myself am not Irish and have never visited Ireland, my maternal grandmother (who sadly I never knew) was an Irish McDowell whose family moved to England in the late 19th century.  She was, by all accounts, an amazingly talented seamstress whose skills were much in demand during WW2 and the era of Make Do and Mend.  My mother used to tell me about all the ladies going upstairs to her workroom looking very shabby and clutching parcels of clothing – returning again a week or two later to collect their smart new clothes that my grandmother had created from all their worn out and cast off items.

I’ll be back very soon indeed with the result of the giveaway so I can post to the winner time for Easter.


Thank you so much for the stpat discount, i was able to buy more patterns and i really appreciate it. This shall be my first experience of freestyle machine embroidery and i wanted a mix of hand embroidery too so what more could i ask for.
Ally x


Aw, thanks so much Ally, I’m so pleased you like our patterns. I do like to mix and match techniques – watch out for the Butterfly cushion coming in the April issue xx


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