Sulky Sticky Fabri Solvy – an afterthought

Just had a quick afterthought – the only real issue I’ve found with Sulky Sticky Fabri Solvy (I do wish they’d think of a shorter name!) is that you can’t properly see the colour of your background fabric through it.  This isn’t a problem when embroidering on white or cream of course, or if you’re working from a pattern, but can be a little more challenging when you’re making it up as you go along designing a new pattern!


This is going to be an embroidered iPad cover – inspired by those charming Japanese embroidery books – I love their style.  And I thought that, as it’s a pattern for the August Magazine it would be nice to work it on a beautifully rich gold-coloured linen background.  It’s an Ada and Ina linen from their Bianco range – and I purchased a large sample of mustard for £4.99.  These really are large – and there’s the perfect amount for this project.  As August brings the harvest I thought it would give a lovely feel of wildflowers in a cornfield.  But I digress … I’m sure you can see the problem – it’s really hard to see how the finished design will look – until I turn my work over ….


And then the colours really sing.  That little cow parsley isn’t all wishy-washy after all, but will stand out against the background fabric just as I hoped.  Result!


Thanks so much for all the tips on using the Sulky Sticky Fabri Solvy. Full of enthusiasm, I bought a packet a few months ago but haven’t yet been able to find the time to use it – isn’t that always the way? However, “Other Half” is away for the weekend soon so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that will give me some time to play with it.

Love and Happy Stitching,
Diana. xx

P.S. Hugs for Ben and Miss Daisy. xx


Haha! I’m sure you’ll really like using it – no more tedious tracing – and it opens up a whole world of new fabrics to embroider on – think velvet, dark colours etc etc …. Love to your puppies too xx


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