Summer is here … and a baby giraffe too!

I am feeling very brave and daring this morning – so I am going to announce that …. I think summer might finally have arrived here in the South Hams!!  For the past few days the weather has been warm and sunny – indeed too hot for Ben in the afternoons, so we have reverted to our summer habit of walking early and late in the day.  All around us the countryside has burst into colour – so wonderful after those seemingly endless grey winter days.

Early Summer in Devon

Looking at the photo on the bottom left, I can see that my grass has become rather long and needs cutting – though it’s lovely to see the mass of daisies that have appeared.  And they formed a wonderful carpet for photographing my latest softie … a baby giraffe.

Baby Giraffe Softie

 Don’t be shy little one …  

Baby Giraffe Softie

 Turn around and show off your lovely patches and long legs ….

Baby Giraffe Softie

 I hope you like him!  I am planning to publish my softie patterns as a single collection later this summer (both to download and to purchase from Amazon as a “real” book).  As well as existing designs I want to include some new ones too – of which he is the first.  But before then I have a Christmas Collection to finish … watch this space!


Love the giraffe, he is adorable and the daisies make a great spot for a photo shoot!


I am definitely charmed by Baby Giraffe’s lovely face! So adorable!
X Linda


Really lovely! The daisies do add a neat touch! Your book sounds wonderful too!


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