Summer Roses Table Runner

Summer Roses Table Runner (2)

Today I have been taking photos of one of my new designs for the June issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine, published on 31 May.   June, of course, is the month for roses, so I thought it would be nice to create a lovely summery table runner incorporating some easy applique felt roses.  The photography session went well and as the sun was shining I took some photos in the garden too …

Summer Roses Table Runner (1)

Here you can see the applique roses better.  I think they’d look lovely stitched along the edge of a white table cloth too – maybe for the top table at a summer wedding?  But a table runner is nice for more everyday use .. and this was very simple to assemble – I used pre-cut 5 1/2″ squares from Emily Taylor’s new collection “Verona”. The photography session went smoothly as well – probably because my canine “helper” is spending the afternoon at the grooming parlour.  Yesterday I was taking photos of my Rosie & Bear quilt – here’s the one I’ve chosen for the cover of the book:

Rosie & Bear Calendar Quilt

 Very summery and serene (though it will be cropped a bit for the book cover) …. but now see if you can spot what’s wrong with this one!

My "Helper""

 Is that quilt artistically draped over a deckchair?  No it is not.  It is draped (though not very artistically!) over Ben.  This is what happens when I turn my back for a moment.  He walked beneath the washing line I’d folded the quilt over while I re-arranged my deckchair …. at least that’s what I think must have happened.  Naughty dog!


Ben could very well be playing ‘Canine Hide-N-Seek’! You know…if he can’t see you then obviously you can’t see him!

I love your Summer Roses Table Runner! It’s so beautiful!
X Linda


Its very pretty! Ben wanted to get into the picture too!
Julie xxxxxxxxx


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