The best of friends … new pattern range coming soon

Ben is a very sociable kind of dog with lots of canine friends, some  large, and some  small.  They may be fluffy or they may be smooth, with long legs or short, curly tails or straight ones – all with shiny wet noses. But one of his very best friends is Jacqui’s little dog, Lionel.  

Ben & Lionel

Lionel is very young still, and looks up (literally!) to Ben, wanting to share in everything he does …..

Ben & Lionel

“What’s that you’ve found Ben – can I see?”

Ben & Lionel

“It’s a stick – a nice fat chewy one, can I have it?”

Ben & Lionel

Pleeeeaasseeeee …. you know it’s good to share!”

Ben & Lionel

” Mum … Ben won’t share with me!  I know, I’ll have to find my own…”

Ben & Lionel

Ben (trying to keep an eye on Lionel)  “Peace at last!”

They are just so funny together – and the best of friends.  Which inspired the first patterns in my new collaboration with the amazingly talented Jacqui (remember her kittens?) featuring  the naughty pair ..

Less scary with a friend...

Simple, but so lovely – and just the right size to frame in a 6″ hoop.  Great for newbies, or if you’re more experienced they’ll take just a single evening to stitch – the first two designs took me about 4 hours each … 

No ships like ...

They’ll be coming soon to the Bustle & Sew website as part of a new range of patterns – SewFlapdoodle at Bustle & Sew.  I need to write up the patterns and re-organise my shop a little – this shouldn’t take too long and I hope to be able to list them in the next week or so.  I’ll be sure to let you know when they’re available.  Jacqui and I are both keeping our fingers crossed hoping you like them .. please do let us know what you think!


So sweet – the dogs and the patterns. Ruby loves to met with her dog friends too, though she’s still rather bouncy for some of them to put up with for long.


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