The fate of naughty pups!

This afternoon I decided to make a start on the Christmas decorations.  We’d been out for a nice walk earlier, though a little shorter than usual as Miss Daisy has a sore paw (nothing serious) so is taking it easy for a while.  I managed to hang my first garland and was feeling very pleased with myself ….


Until the Newfies woke up from their post-walk slumber. When they saw my lovely garland they became terribly over excited.  Daisy immediately pulled off the sock that was protecting her sore paw and began madly running round in circles waving it in the air with Ben following close behind in hot pursuit.  This ridiculous behaviour forced me to descend from my ladder as their large furry bodies moving at speed are a definite health and safety hazard!!   I think they need to remember the fate that may await such naughty puppies ….. (not really!)

dogheadscushion 018a Meet Tilly and Arthur – two little trophy heads for the January issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine.  Tilly of course needs no introduction …Tilly

Being modelled upon Rosie’s naughty little doodle!  Whilst Arthur is a rather handsome wire haired terrier we often meet on our walks …


I’m hoping to create more of these heads over the coming months so if there’s a breed you’d like a pattern for then please do let me know and I’ll do my best to oblige.  I regret to say they however that do not work as an aid to improving canine behaviour as the dashing in circles and sock-waving continued for quite some time, so I have had to postpone hanging more decorations until another day.


I can just picture this in my funny!
What is with dogs & socks? We cannot leave any socks unattended or they get stolen…and the joy this brings to them is, like you said, completely ridiculous lol.

Love your trophy pups too, by the way!


It’s not just socks in our house! Ben particularly enjoys stealing tissues from coat pockets and then shredding them – goodness knows why! So pleased you like the trophy heads, thanks so much xx


The dogs are adorable, I was having a lovely picture in my head which made me smile☺the heads are very cute!


That sounded very funny! – sorry I’m laughing…. Love those Christmas decorations
Julie xxxxxxxx


Sorry, Helen, but I had to laugh to myself when I pictured Miss. Daisy and Ben charging round your house with a sock! Just what is it about socks that dogs love – our 2 Alsatian girls prefer the unwashed ones belonging to my ‘Other Half’s’ size 13 feet if they can get them! Now that, I really cannot understand! However, it’s always so funny to see them enjoying themselves, it’s hard not to smile, isn’t it?


Haha! Yes, you’re absolutely right Diana, they are very funny – but my two simply don’t know when to stop!! xx


How delightful and entertaining are your pups! Partners in crime indeed! My hound also loves socks, tissues, paper towels haha!

A fabulous natural healer for humans and fur babies as well is ‘Raw Manuka Honey’and won’t hurt if they lick at it too – the pups that is!! That might help heal Daisy’s paw.

Good luck with the decorating ~ so far looks adorable!! It’s all good!


Thanks so much Valerie – I haven’t tried honey on her paw – I can imagine large sticky prints all over my floor knowing my Daisy! Her paw’s healing nicely now , she got something stuck between her pads that gave her a sore patch, so nothing too serious thank goodness. I will remember your tip for next time though. xxx


I have two airedale siblings who have been playing with each other their whole lives so they are very good at it. Decorations in my house have to be above airedale height. I love hearing about others adventures with large dogs. I can’t help but smile. As you can imagine I’d love to see an Airedale gracing one of your trophies. Hopefully your decorations will get done before Christmas.


Hi Jo, thanks, yes an Airedale would be nice – I do wonder if you perhaps tweaked the colour of Arthur’s fur and maybe made his face a little longer if that would work? They’re great dogs, Daisy has an Airedale friend called Ruby who is always ready for a rough and tumble with her! xx


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