The Ravioli Wrap!


 Are you experiencing problems wrapping small, awkwardly-shaped gifts? Do you hate sellotape but love stitching?  Or do you (like me) have family members who simply can’t resist prodding and pulling at their presents, trying to lever their fingers beneath the folds of paper to peek at the contents?  


Then I present to you the Ravioli wrap!  I am sure lots of people know this method, but sometimes I can be rather slow on the uptake and I only discovered it last week as I was spending a happy half-hour hopping through some lovely craft blogs.  

(Thank you so much to the kind crafter who posted about this wrapping technique – I am so sorry but I didn’t make a note of your blog – if you see this please do get in touch and I’ll happily give you all the credit – you have changed my wrapping experience forever!).


All you have to do is make a paper bag shape from your folded wrap, stitch around two sides, pop in your pressie and stitch the third side.  Trim the edges with pinking shears and hey presto!  Your present is wrapped without stress.  You could then decorate your giant ravioli-shaped package, but I have left mine plain as a certain canine member of our family delights in removing any bows from parcels left within his reach!

Once again – have a wonderful Christmas!

Lots of love

Helen xxx


Now I wished I had seen this post before today – definitely one to remember!
Julie xxxxxxx


Why didn’t I think of that? That is a great idea. I am pretty new to your beautiful needle craft and hope this year to make some of your patterns. You have a great talent . Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and your cute pup and soon to new pup.


Terrific idea….will remember it and use it next year. I have lots of “peekers” who decend upon our tree!
Hope everyone had a happy and memorable Christmas!
X Linda


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