Today the weather is …..

Wet rain, washy rain, splishy splashy sploshy rain …. soggy rain, too wet even for doggies rain …!!!   Today I wanted to
… go to the beach and take photos of ….
little fishies all finished  ….
But no, it was not to be.  Perhaps tomorrow will be …..
We shall see.


Linda Gilbert

Its been pouring here as well — All day — non stop and I hope it stops tomorrow for your fish,dog you and me!


Its raining here too. all afternoon soggy wet horrible rain! Love the fish
Julie xxxxx

Muddling Through

I was so delighted to find you today. Love your blog, and I especially was so happy to see the little mouse girl, Gina. I rushed right over to your etsy shop and made arrangements for her to come and live with me. I knit not at all and have wanted a wee knitted girl for a long time now. I await her arrival with bated breath.

By the way, it's raining here in Houston, Texas, too.


love your little fishes, can't wait to see the pattern. Rain? Over here in Holland it was so hot the last few days..


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