Tomorrow’s the Day, and the Birthday Cake!

Yes, it’s nearly here – the May Magazine is about to hit those virtual bookshelves! This month is a super-bumper copy with lots to enjoy between the covers. I feel that over the years – we’re in our sixth now – the magazine has evolved into something more than just a sewing mag, rather it’s a celebration of everything I love about life… home, family, garden and the countryside around me – even the Newfies get a mention sometimes!  Which reminds me – I haven’t shown you the photo of the three pawty guests all lined up ready to receive their slice of birthday cake ….


What well-behaved dogs they were.  That is until the next morning when Ben was absolutely certain that he wanted the remaining birthday cake for his breakfast and had to be very strongly dissuaded from serving himself!!

But back to the magazine – as always the six Bustle & Sew projects are at the heart of every issue and I do hope you’ll enjoy the designs I’ve created this month …..


If you’re a subscriber then your magazine will be arriving in your inbox nice and early tomorrow morning, and if you’re not a subscriber and would like to learn more – and possibly even take advantage of our current pawesome (groan!) offer, then please do CLICK HERE to find out more.


I am so impressed that all three dogs sat so well while you took photos before they got their cake. Good dogs! Good trainers! I am also looking forward to tomorrow’s issue, but had to gush about your sweet, obedient puppies, first.


They were VERY GOOD dogs for the whole day – I was also impressed – though Ben definitely made up for it the next day by trying to snaffle the remains of his cake before I could share it out between him and Daisy! xx


Hi Helen, I just finished reading the article about beekeeping, and was interested to see that you talked about California almonds. I live in almond country (you should pronounce it aa-mund, by the way, if you live here), and indeed bees are extremely important to us, and we fuss about them quite a bit. February is blossom time and it’s my favorite month of the year, as the orchards are all in bloom, along with the tulip trees that are a traditional local favorite (they’re a kind of magnolia and bloom pink or white). Bee rental has gotten expensive enough that hives are actually being stolen now.

My dad just started getting into beekeeping in the past year or so, as a friend of his wanted to store hives on his land and he got involved. We’ve been having a terrible drought for the last 4 years, so he put out sugar syrup every day all winter long–there was nothing for them to eat. So we certainly haven’t gotten any honey yet, but I like to go out and see how the bees are doing. Thanks for the article 🙂


So pleased you enjoyed it Jean, thanks for letting me know – and the orchards must be an amazing site when they’re in bloom. Good luck with your bees! xx


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