Too much time on my laptop

Everything is getting very exciting here at Bustle & Sew HQ – well in MY opinion anyway!  Poor Ben thinks I’ve become very boring as I’m spending so much time on my laptop ….

This is because my new website is nearly ready to launch, so I’ve been very VERY busy updating, tweaking, adding new links and deleting old ones ready for THE BIG DAY next Wednesday 1st October.  And of course this week is Magazine publication week too, which is always a busy time.  I’ve just uploaded the preview, so if you’d like a peek between the pages please click below:


Hope you like it!


Belinda Bentley

Absolutely love it. I have a feeling I might just be a bit too excited by the banner as the saying thereon is a bit of a mantra given to me by friend. Thanks for the preview


I’m so looking forward to seeing your new website but find it hard to believe you can improve on what is already a lovely place to visit.


Exciting and busy times for you Helen, poor Ben becoming bored with it all 🙂
Can’t wait for the new magazine and the launch of the new website.
Lynn xx


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