Two winners and a pattern for newsletter readers

I can hardly believe it!  I worked the random number generator, counted up names, counted again and said “Wow!  What a co-incidence!”  Both winners of my Cotton Spool Mouse kits are called Cathy!  Well done to them both.  To avoid confusion I have emailed them already – and would like to say an enormously huge “THANK YOU” to everybody who took the time and trouble to enter.  I read all the comments and loved them all.  

Sadly I don’t have 200 kits to give away, but what I can do by way of a consolation – and thank you for entering – prize is send all my newsletter readers the Cotton Spool Mouse pattern as a free gift so they can still make their very own mice.  

Cotton Spool Mice

The pattern will be in this week’s free newsletter which I’ll be sending out later today.  If you don’t receive my newsletter, then it’s easy to subscribe – just complete the form in the right-hand sidebar.  

Meanwhile, if you don’t have time to make your own mouse, then please do pop over to my Facebook page where, as part of my Christmas season, I’m giving away a completed mouse – the one you see at the front of the photo above.  The other two have found kind new homes, but little number three is still seeking a new family and someone to love him this Christmas. 

Bunny Pyjama Case(1)            Dandelion Bunny Embroidery (3)                

And finally … when I was having a little rummage in my cupboard, (not an exercise for the faint-hearted!) I discovered two projects that need a new home, my Rabbit Pyjama Case and Dandelion Bunny Cushion Cover.  They’re both listed in my Etsy Shop – and could still be yours in time for Christmas – I will post them tomorrow morning if anybody would like them.  

We’re just off to the beach now and I’ll send out my newsletter with the free Cotton Spool Mouse pattern when we return.  Meanwhile, have a wonderful Sunday, whatever you’re doing, and I ….

….. mustn’t forget to take Ben’s new ball with us so he can pretend to be fearless, charging repeatedly into the surf to save it from drowning!!


Thank you for the opportunity of entering your give-away. I hope you both will have fun playing down by the beach. I, myself, will retreat to my fire place and a cup of tea for warmth, while the snow keeps on falling, as I finish working on Christmas gifts that I am making. Some from your patterns. Thanks for posting them.


Congratulations to both lucky Cathys!

Thanks so much, Helen, for the free patterns! Hope you and brave Ben had a wonderful time at the beach!
X Linda


That is great Congratulations to the Cathy’s!! And the poor little guy left behind could fly his way to my house!!!

Have fun with Ben and his new ball!! I bet it is a “ball” watching him play!!!



I rushed to Etsy as soon as I saw your post and was delighted the cushion was still available! Love it so much, so excited its going to be mine! 🙂
Thanks for all your beautiful work as always,
Donna x


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