Well this is exciting – and a little bit scary too!

If you’re anything like me then you will know the feeling … you agree to do something – in fact you’re really excited about doing something that is perhaps a little outside your comfort zone.  It seems like such a good idea, you know you’re going to enjoy it …. and it’s comfortably in the future.  But, as we all know, the future has a habit of arriving before we’re properly ready for it – at least mine does anyway, but then I am, to say the least, quite a disorganised kind of person sometimes.

I am really excited about doing this – but as it grows closer – I’m feeling just a little bit scared too ……


Can you see a snippet of one of my patterns?  Second from left ……

Yes it’s a detail of my embroidered workroom sign.  And I am going to be giving a workshop at the June Craft Sanctuary at Hawkwood College  in Stroud.   The subject will be a floral hoop and, because one of the things I love about hand embroidery is how easy it is to personalise a design and make it your own, as well as a floral garland participants will be able to stitch their own name as part of the design so everyone will take home something unique to themselves.   Rosie is coming along as well to help me out so I know there isn’t really any need at all to be scared – perhaps just a little bit nervous! If you’d like to learn more about the Craft Sanctuary and my workshop, then please just CLICK HERE for the brochure.  And if anyone’s coming along, do let me know so we can look out for you!


Oh I know that feeling. I’m also doing a workshop next month. A very tiny one in comparison to yours, and I am having to do my homework fast! Very scary as this is my very first workshop.

Julie xxxxxxx


Sure you will be absolutely fine! You are very good at explaining things – best of luck – sending positive thoughts your way xx


That is wonderful Helen! I know you will do well! Your work is so beautiful and I find it easy to follow your instructions! Wish I lived there I would go to your workshop just to meet you in person!

Sending good thoughts your way for a successful day!



Thanks so much Jan, it’s just the thought of everybody looking at me – eek!!


Oh those lucky participants! Your designs and patterns are so lovely, and you explain things extremely well. You’ll do fine, I’m sure, and I certainly hope you’ll have time to enjoy the beautiful venue!
XX Linda B.


Thank you Linda, that’s so kind of you – paws crossed all goes well, and Rosie will be there too to help me out if I get stuck! xx

Glenna D.

Congratulations on this marvelous opportunity to share your passion. Don’t get in a tizzy about it, you will do beautifully, and everyone will love your workshop.


That’s so kind Glenna – yes I think you’re right – lots of deep breaths happening here! xx


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