What a Day!!

Today is publication day for issue 19 of the Bustle & Sew e-zine.  As usual, I had spent lots of time tweaking and fine-tuning it, making sure all the links worked properly, whether my readers wanted to view it online or download it as a pdf file…. if they received html or text-only emails – everything was ready. 

So I hit the “send” button and breathed a sigh of relief.  But then …. my site went down.  This meant nobody could read their e-zine.  I nearly cried. 😥 

Bustle & Sew August e-zine

 Luckily all my lovely readers were very understanding, and everyone received their e-zine via the “emergency back-up link” I was able to send them.  Now my hosting company has sorted itself out, and all seems to be well again.  But I think I have a few (more) grey hairs. 

Fortunately, especially after the morning I’ve just had, I now have somewhere relaxing to sit and work – we have replaced our gazebo.  I loved our gazebo, with its cream canvas roof and lovely swishy side-curtains.  But it was becoming very elderly and the gales and torrential rain of the last few weeks had finished it off, causing great rents in the canvas roof and making the legs very wobbly.  So we have invested in …. a little summer house!


 Two solid timber walls to keep the prevailing south-westerlies and their load of rain at bay, and a solid roof to shelter us from sun and rain – and whatever else the weather can throw at us… 


I’ve already hung some bunting and, to unwind following my stressful morning, spent a happy hour in there this afternoon winding lovely new skeins of floss onto bobbins.  Next week I think I’ll make some new cushions for the furniture.  And hopefully no more days like today!!

PS If you do want to subscribe to my e-zine and receive the Great British Seaside issue, together with my e-book, The Stitcher’s Companion as a free gift, then just CLICK HERE to learn more. 


Cheer-up it got there in the end, and Cyril looks good and happy, hope he has settled in well……?
Can I come and spend an afternoon with you and sit in your gazebo and admire the view……….?
Julie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I love your new summer house and know that there will be many creative moments there. Issue 19 is a treasure, Helen! I can’t decide which project to begin first! Maybe I’ll bake something with chocolate while I decide….yum!
Thank you for another wonderful e-zine!
X Linda


What a lovely summer house. I’ve always fancied something like that. Did you buy it ‘off the peg’ or was it something that you just knocked up?


What a lovely spot to hang out in. Would love to have something like that!!! Hummmm!!!!

Jan G.


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