What a difference a day makes!

Yesterday afternoon, for a brief time, the sun came out and colour was restored to the world.  All the drab greyness was gone and the autumn foliage glowed in the sunlight.  So I dashed outside with my rabbit skittles and camera determined to capture a good shot.  And I’m quite pleased with this one.  They were created in autumn colours and warm tweedy fabrics, so look perfectly at home on top of the old garden wall.  Maybe they’ll even make the cover of the next Bustle & Sew Magazine.  And while I was there, I came over all artistic and took a couple of pictures by the logstore ..
The last flower on my Raspberry Ripple Geranium.  It has bloomed profusely all summer and I’m going to try to nurse it through the winter months – that’s why it’s down by the logs where it’s much more sheltered.
And my two watering cans – both elderly, but both still giving excellent service all summer long.  Time for them to be put away for their long winter rest now though – I don’t think I’ll need them again till next spring.  But don’t leave it till next spring if you’re planning to purchase any patterns from my website .. 
… as my online sale ends midnight Saturday (GMT).  Just click here to visit and take advantage of my buy one get one free offer – last 24 hours!


I love the tweedy fabrics you use in this and some of your other projects, but I've never seen them anywhere. Do you have a secret source?


I just finished reading your latest newsletter. The new look is great! The handy links are a great addition. Did you go with the smaller font size to keep the byte count down?


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